Saturday, October 21, 2017
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Can YOU volunteer?

This list is ever changing so for the most up to date list please read the weekly bulletin.


Currently we are in search of kind parishioners to help with:

  • running the Festival stand
  • running any Festival game, including Bingo
  • making elephant ears cakes
  • working the big raffle salle
  • helping to cook for the Festival dinner
  • helping to serve the Festival dinner
  • serving as an elevator operator
  • helping to set up on Friday evening (7/18)
  • helping to set up on Saturday evening (7/19)
  • helping to dismount a tthe end of the Festival (we really need help here)
  • selling raffle tickets
  • provide some ice
  • make some of the 50 cakes or pies needed
  • make desserts for the County Store
  • donate 2 large cans decaffeinated coffee
  • donate regular milk
  • donate one of the 6 "Daily Drink Mix"
  • donate large can of applesauce
  • donate butter
  • donate gift baskets or craft items
  • donate some money toward Festival expenses
  • recruit your extended family, neighbors, friends to attend the Festival
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