Saturday, October 21, 2017
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All Parishioners are assigned a date to clean the church. Please mark your assigned date on your calendar.

You will find copies of what tasks need completed 1) pinned in both lobbies, 2) in the storage areas of our hall and 3) in the closet under the stairway.

Get the key of the Church from the rectory 724-865-2430. Don't forget to return the key!

It may be wise to take along some of your own house-cleaning tools: cobweb pole, dust cloths, perhaps another sweeper, etc.

Find our cleaning supplies, garbage bags, etc., in the old confessionals at the rear of the church and in the janitor’s closet beside the Ladies' Room.

If, you cannot keep your appointed date, please, be sure to contact as soon as possible another family from the present church cleaning list who agrees to trade its assigned cleaning date with you. You will replace them at their appointed date. 

See that your cleaning does not interfere with weddings, funerals, rehearsals, etc.

Thanks for this service/stewardship/tithing of time we do for & with each other to God once a year. Our church is our most precious common possession.


My annual church cleaning assignment
What to clean weekly.

1. Rest Rooms [upstairs & down]
· -Mop the floors [use only water, no soap or detergent], scrub & flush the bowls, empty the paper baskets.
· -Check the facilities, refill the soap containers, bathroom paper, paper towels, plungers, spray some air freshener.
2. Sanctuary
· -You may want to provide some potted or cut flowers from your house for the Masses of that weekend. You may take your flower pots back after the 11:00 AM Mass.
· -Vacuum, dust, and remove the wax-stains (for the wax use an iron at minimum temperature and/or the liquid wax remover found in Altar Servers’ sacristy).
· -Discard into our dumpster the old, cut dying flowers.
· -On the tray of the small votive candles, keep a taper and matches and see that the sand is clean and orderly.
3. Church
· -Vacuum the carpet, dust & treat the pews with Murphy oil Soap, and close windows and doors.
· -Remove from the pews & book holders the forgotten items, leaflets, missalettes, toys, bulletins, pencils, etc.
· -Lift up kneelers as you vacuum then leave the kneelers up.
· -Report on any loose parts of pews, damage, etc.
4. Garbage and Trash
· -Remove & bring to our dumpster [near Rectory’s Garage] the trash from 1) the Sacristy, 2) the Reconciliation room, 3) the hall/kitchen, and 4) the restrooms. If you cannot carry the bags of rubbish, please inform Father.
· -Refill the waste basket containers with new plastic bags.
5. Outside the church
· -Check 1) the walkway, 2) landings and 3) the steps.
· -The carpets on the landings at both front & side entrances are lifted and vacuumed to remove the dirt.
6. Lobbies
· -Discard outdated announcements, 'Pgh. Catholics.' Some of the old bulletins can be kept in the plastic bins for those who might want them.
· -See that the literature & pictures on display are properly and neatly arranged.
·-Vacuum & straighten the movable carpets.
· -Water the flower pots (keep the pots over the plastic mats & inside their saucers to catch the overflow of water).
· -To maintain the wax finish on our floors, mop with cold water and no detergent the two stairways & lower lobby, close doors, windows, & lights.
7. The Reconciliation Room
·-Empty into the dumpster the waste basket.
· -Straighten the chairs, the lector’s stand & the kneeler.
· -Vacuum the room and close the door, windows, & lights.
8. Closet by the Confessionals
· -Keep the storage material in order, and the doors closed.
· -Stored here are boxes of missalettes & usher’s baskets, music books, extension cords & vacuum cleaners.
9. Organ Loft
· -Dust & vacuum both the landing & the steps.
·-Straighten up kneelers, chairs and the literature.
· -Keep the chain across the bottom entrance to the stairway to discourage non-musicians from using the loft.
10. Behind the Tabernacle Sacristy
· -Tidy the vestments, candle boxes and any other item.
· -Vacuum the room; keep closed window, door, & lights.
11. Priest's Sacristy (For key see Father or Claudine)
· -Vacuum, dust, and empty the waste paper basket.
· -Check the roll of paper towels. New paper towels are kept in the storage cupboard in back of our hall.
· -Keep the empty flower pots out of sight & doors closed.
12. Handicapped Lift
·         -Clean the parking lot’s reception floor. Clean the plastic glasses on the door but do not use glass cleaning detergents.
13. Lower Lobby
· -Keep the cassocks, surplices & albs in order according to size & topics.
· -Mop the floor [no hot water or soaps], straighten up & vacuum carpets.
· -Keep the door of the Hall open & the doors at the bottom of the stairway closed
14. As you leave:
· -Turn off lights, close windows and doors, spray some air freshener everywhere.
· - See that the storage areas are also left in order.
· -Please, remind the Rectory of any shortage of supplies or any damage you have encountered which you could not fix.
Thank you so much for your stewardship!


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